Markus Engelberger is the world´s first Visual Catalyst, Founder of the Creative Tribe and the Viennese School of Visual Practice.

Fortune 500s, consultancies, universities, governments, foundations, NGOs, think tanks and startups engage him to design, assist and lead processes connected to leadership, innovation and transformation.

The unique work of Markus Engelberger happens at and emerges from the intersection of the following areas of expertise and experience: creativity, learning, innovation, leadership, strategy, big group change facilitation, social entrepreneurship, philosophy, humanistic psychology, personal mastery, group dynamics, systems thinking, conflict resolution, systemic coaching, storytelling, pitching and real-time illustration.

Nomen est Omen: Catalyst stands for the role of Markus as an intervention that catalyzes positive change. Visual stands for the tool that makes him outstanding compared to other consultants, facilitators and catalysts.

As a Visual Catalyst, Markus levels up the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations, leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, facilitators or educators that navigate in a digitalized, VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment.

Further, Visual Catalyzation helps individuals, teams and groups to explore, understand, create, develop, communicate, anchor and sell ideas. His services range from premium Graphic Recording services, Strategic Visualization, Facilitation, Coaching to storytelling, pitching-trainings, tailored learning experiences and inspirational key-notes.

Producing aesthetically appealing pictures is part of his work. Yet, Markus is not an artist. He is a business man, consultant and change-maker that understood that the true power of visuals lies in using them as tools that help to navigate uncertainty, manage complexity, spark creativity, catalyze meaningful dialogues and co-create the future.

For individuals, Visual Catalyzation creates the effects of increased clarity and understanding, healed emotional wounds, identification of blind-spots and hindering beliefs, resolved creative blockades, a level-up in self-confidence and last but not least strategic personal growth.




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